cre·A·tive ess·ays

She awakens, her soft, wispy hair knotted into a million impossible knots that will hurt with a brush. Her eyes are squinty and full of sleep, squeezing shut as she stretches and yawns her little body out of her nighttime pose. She sleeps like a pretzel, her little limbs jumbling up amongst themselves in a way that makes my body hurt. She could be a gymnast with her flexibility, or maybe a circus contortionist. She stands up, wobbly on her feet, looks at me, and smiles.

My sister Savannah is a spunky, pretty little girl. She looks like she was made in a doll factory. Her eyes are huge and blue, her hair white blonde and slightly curled at the ends, always somehow sticky. She looks like an angel, but when she steals the last cupcake and then blames the cat, I know she’s got a little bit of the devil too. It’s only after we find her, hiding in the pantry with frosting smeared across her button nose, that we realize the cat was wrongly convicted. Time-outs are hard to give when you're laughing.

I am the eldest of five kids, and she the youngest. We are the only girls, and I joke that we are the pieces of bread in a sibling sandwich, squeezing the three boys, my brothers, in between us. Her brothers have made her strong, and territorial. They’ve taught her that if you want something you need to get to it, fast, before anyone else does. They’ve shown her that skinning your knee on cement is a badge of honor, a sign of strength when you don’t cry. When she told our parents “no” for the first time and was marched to time-out, the boys high-fived her, proud that another rebel had been added to their ranks.

It is my hope that she carries this strength and defiance throughout her life. That she say “no” when she needs to and “yes” when she wants to. That she remain the little girl with thick skin, a porcelain doll that can't be scratched. I hope she will always be kind towards others, compassionate in her disposition. I hope her creativity comes full strength, that she let her imagination run wild and is given the space to do so. When life gives her a challenge I hope she embraces it. I hope her world is good.

Savannah with the sticky hair, never change.


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